How To Have Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day

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Every bride wants flawless and radiant looking skin on their wedding day! It doesn’t matter what make-up look they want to achieve, if it’s full glamour or natural the secret is in their preparation. The best way to ensure a make-up artist can achieve a timeless look on your big day is to have hydrated and moisturised skin.

Make-Up artists can cover up blemishes, freckles and pigmentation. Unfortunately the make-up brushes are not miracle wands and they can’t cover up dry or oily skin. To have luminous skin on your wedding day you need to start prepping your skin at least 6 weeks before your big day. Your preparation should include using skin care products day and night, eating a healthy diet as well has ensuring you are drinking enough water to keep your body properly hydrated.

Are you using the right skin care range for your skin? Treat yourself leading up to your special day and get yourself the best skin care range you can afford. Many cheaper skin care brands contain nasty chemicals which can strip your skin of its natural oils. Ensure you cleanse your face day and night; most importantly remove your make-up before cleansing at night, no excuses! At night time while you sleep your skin regenerates. By leaving your make-up on overnight you are blocking up your pores and slowing down the production of sebum. Sebum is responsible for the lubricating of your skin and aids in the removal of dead skin cells and pollutants in your skin. This is why it is really important to cleanse day and night if you desire a flawless make-up application on your wedding day.

I recommend the following skin care routine day and night, 6 weeks before your big day;

Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Eye Cream and Day Cream with SPF/Night Cream. Also a face Mask twice per week, depending on your skin type. I use and highly recommend Arbonne RE9 Advanced Anti-Ageing Skin Care. During my years of working in the beauty industry, trying countless skin care brands, this product has given me a more even skin tone with fewer blemishes as well has radiant and hydrated skin on my wedding day.

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